Brougham STREET

Multi-Residential Subdivision

We were briefed to design five 2-storey houses on a single block to maximise yield and generate optimum return for the client. Whilst being cognisant of space utilisation, we also recognised that the appeal of the houses to potential buyers would be based on visuality and liveability. 

Working in conjunction with the client, Co-lab Architecure established what the market was demanding; what was selling, what was getting returns? This research allowed us to develop an ideal structural model for the site and identify the common design and layout features that should be included in each of the properties. We then liaised with council directly during pre-planning, to ensure all planning guidelines were accounted for to avoid delay of construction.

Concrete was used as both a structural and finished surface on the exteriors in order to reduce trade costs. This was then balanced out by timber, which acts to break up the façade and create a feeling of warmth and softness to the structure.