Carpenter street brighton

New Home 

The form of this extension was reverse engineered by setting up the framework of council regulations and modelling a mass derived from this. The mass was then manipulated and transfigured the fit within the confines of these parameters. The empathic result provided a design scheme that has no impact on neighbours or the surrounding environment.

It was a necessity that the design would complement the client’s migratory lifestyle, meaning the program needed to be flexible and adaptable while providing ample space for entertainment areas. Due to the transient nature of its use, low maintenance materials were incorporated to create a durable and sustainable design.

The design solution resulted in a two storey building with a basement car park, wrapped around internal courtyard spaces. Remarkably, there is no overshadowing of any neighbouring buildings. On the ground floor is a spacious living and dining area. Upstairs, the master bedroom has views to the internal courtyard and cherry tree which increases the feeling of spaciousness, whilst the children’s rooms have been designed to be more functional, with the recognition that they are temporary spaces.

The facade of the building utilises off form concrete and glass to give maximum privacy at ground floor level and capture northern light on the first floor level. The glass also features a varied opaque film whereby there is a positive opacity gradient from floor to ceiling, allowing for a greater degree of privacy without sacrificing views. 

A basement carpark, accessible by motorised car-lift, showcases up to five cars via a custom-fitted turntable plate operated by remote to rotate cars before parking. The driver then enters the main house via a lift, arriving in the ground floor entry way.

Due to council overlays on building height restrictions, as well as depth restrictions, the design of the overall building cleverly utilises engineering prowess, structural materials and varied ceiling heights to achieve this design solution.