These spaces foster a sense of belonging, encourage collaboration, and adapt to the changing needs of education, preparing students not just for exams, but for life. Investing in thoughtful design is investing in an environment where every student can thrive, grow, and unleash their full potential.

Space to accelerate learning and spark curiosity

Education happens both inside and outside the classroom inviting us to consider the way students learn in their environment at all times of the day. With experience in early, primary and secondary school architecture, we understand the nuances that spark individual success for students and their teaching staff, and design in response to their individual needs.

Our Process

Our methods for the education sector are measured against the Victoria Department of Education and Training (DET) standards. Over the course of 20 years we have built experience and an understanding of DET requirements that have now become second nature, essential knowledge in a sector that does not have a design guide and where town planning and building permits do not capture all departmental requirements. We are able to help our clients navigate the planning process, including meeting with DET for every educational building project to preempt any potential issues or alterations.


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