little creatures brewery


Located in a tourist hub between a bakery and a winery, this Little Creatures Brewery is both a practical and public structure. To that end it is divided into three parts: the brewery, the bottling plant and the retail space in the middle.

Designing a brewery is a technical process and Co-lab Architecture had to consider waste removal, environmental impact and space usage - factors that are often at odds with one another.

Balancing out brand identity and cost effectiveness, a tilt slab design allowed for a fast build. We then offset it with materials that would reflect the Little Creatures brand.

The use of timber softens the structure, balancing out the concrete and black detailing. The 3.5m high sliding timber frame doors draw the eye and open out to reveal the retail space. In keeping with the brand, this is fitted out in a textural style with details such as retro furniture. A bar verandah on the front of the building adds to the limited interior floor plan to create a fluid and social drinking space.