OUR team

Our Team



Co-lab's founding Director, Kane Barnett has practiced architecture for nearly 20 years in Melbourne and London. Before founding Co-lab Architecture in 2010, Kane worked for numerous renowned architecture practices including Buro Architects, Lyons, FMSA and London's Broadway Malyan. Kane is a leading expert on contract administration in his field, having lectured for PARC, the preeminent pre-registration course for Melbourne architects.

As the 'architect' behind the collaborative design method, Kane is committed to bringing the benefits of collaboration to the built environment. He is equally passionate about architects having the opportunity to create in a collaborative forum.



After a decade working as a draftsperson and learning the construction industry from the bottom up, Troy then completed his architecture degree at Deakin University in 2007. 

Before joining Co-lab, Troy worked on projects in Australia and New Zealand including multi-residential, education, childcare, health and retail.

With a strong background in design documentation and contract documentation, Troy works closely with Co-lab's clients, councils and builders to deliver a project smoothly through all stages of architecture. 


Our collaborators are sourced from our large designer network. They include architects, interior designers, landscape designers, artists and graphic designers.

In the Co-lab Architecture Design Workshop, they collaborate with each other on an invite-basis bringing with them decades of knowledge. 

Many of our collaborators have worked for prestigious architecture practices in Melbourne and boast experience on well known projects around the world.

Because every brief is different we choose the collaborators for each project based on the relevance of their past experience.