Ravenhall is the product of playful engagement with facade design and logically arranged internal spaces. The internal layout is organised linearly with playrooms aligned along the north-south axis, ensuring that all indoor play spaces have access to ample natural light. Large openings across the north facade allow for direct outdoor access from each room in the centre to help stimulate spontaneous outdoor play.

Murray Road

Developed as an exemplar of the Montessori method of education, Murray Road was designed to foster independence in children.

Kool Kidz Cranbourne

Kool Kidz Cranbourne was designed while adhering to a strict budget to provide a cost-effective build on the fringes of an industrial precinct. Domestic construction methods were implemented to reduce construction costs, while the facade treatment references the industrial backdrop.

Docklands Care Centre

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White Rabbit Brewery

Designing a brewery is a technical process in which waste removal, environmental impact and space usage were considered. Balancing out brand identity and cost effectiveness, a tilt-up slab design allowed for a fast build. To offset the concrete and better reflect the Little Creatures brand, timber was used as a feature with playful furniture layouts dotted throughout the interior.

The 3.5m high sliding timber frame doors open out to reveal the retail space, while outside, a bar verandah adds to the limited interior floor plan to create a fluid and social drinking space.

ACU Heritage Renovation

The Australian Catholic University commissioned Co-lab Architecture to sensitively restore a heritage building to be used for functions, whilst also incorporating a contemporary apartment for the Vice Chancellor.

Through detailed historical research and on-site investigative work, we discovered original colours, mosaic details and wall murals. These were carefully reinstated or duplicated in a process that restored the building to its original grandeur. Working closely with an interior designer we enhanced the restoration through the selection of appropriate period furniture that drew on the building’s heritage.