The marriage of materiality and form works to evoke feelings of excitement and wonder in this energetic learning space. Bold timber cladding and a jagged, angular roofline are juxtaposed against soft circular windows in this childcare design. The interior spaces remain concealed from the outside, however, once inside the centre, a refreshing and dynamic space becomes apparent. The form is playful and invites a sense intrigue, attempting to coax families in and alleviate the parental guilt that is often felt when leaving children at centres.  

The rolling outdoor play area facilitates a diverse range of activities and provides a space for exploration and discovery. With a variety of versatile zones, the interior is functional in its layout yet maintains a degree of playfulness through its interior design creating a warm and positive learning atmosphere.

Programmatically, both indoor and outdoor spaces are organised linearly, with areas divided up based on age therefore allowing all children to have access to secluded play areas both inside and outside.