Village Way


Opulent folded bronze cladding creates striking facade forms against receding charcoal brick. Restrained use of red brick throughout the design acts as a subtle gesture, paying respect to the surrounding building fabric and Melbourne’s heritage at large.

Two sheer walls reveal a break in the facade and indicate the main access and egress into the building. A double void space above the opening creates a subdued yet grand entrance without exerting an overpowering gesture. Privacy and passive surveillance is achieved through a raised ground floor level on the west facade, which enables views over the fence from inside the private space while eliminating views in from the public space. Deep garden beds situated along the south facade act as natural screens and demarcate spaces while openable sections of fence allow for varying degrees of privacy. Public access along the east boundary of the site maintains a pedestrian link to the greater streetscape and connects with existing public thoroughfares. Moving up the building, a first floor terrace on the northern side of the site provides a shared outdoor space and maximises solar penetration to north-facing windows. Inside the building, central light court and open-ended corridors ensure that light access and ventilation to common areas is maintained as well as providing views from the site to the surrounding environment. The south-west apartments are arranged to take maximum advantage of the Maribyrnong River.

Overall, the building is functional yet elegant, every aspect of the site is utilised effectively and is refined in its expression. The design is holistic, with the form being derived both from the internal floor plans and the external facade treatment. Through this methodology, an intricate and interlinked scheme is achieved with bold gestures and subtle references throughout thus finding the balance between form and function.